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12 DAY
Kickstart Challenge 

Ready. Set. Reset!

Start your NEW Year off with a Kickstart.


If you are looking to:

  • Be a part of an inclusive & supportive community

  • Identify which habits are holding you back from your health goals 

  • Curb sugar cravings 

  • 'Get back on track' without deprivation 

  • Reduce Inflammation 

Then, let me re-introduce the highly beloved & anticipated... KICKSTART CHALLENGE 


12 Days. Dedicated. to. YOU.


To help you proclaim you own health habits, the 12 day kickstart is available to create a healthy routine in your life.


This is your first step to understanding what makes your mind, body & soul feel the most vibrant and supported. I feel that the key to living a balanced lifestyle is discovering that you hold the power to your healing- through the way you think about food & how it affects your mood, digestion and energy. During these 12 days you will uncover your "WHY" moment with me, your partner in health. You will reset your system, curb your cravings, reduce inflammation and learn which habits, foods and activities serve or do not serve you. 

I have designed this challenge as a way to bring awareness to all systems of health. The program has specifically been created as a way to reset the body without deprivation. No need for detox teas, long vigorous gym workouts, shake diets or pills. Just an emphasis on whole, nutrient dense foods from nature, movement, targeted supplementation & stress relief techniques. These recommendations work towards giving the body the tools it needs to rest, repair and thrive. 




I journey through these 12 days with you through our private challenge app and through TWO 45 minute Zoom group coaching sessions which will take place the day before our start date and at end of the challenge. 


  • To create a healthy routine 

  • To have nutrient dense meals that will nourish your body & reduce inflammation 

  • To hold your self and your community members accountable

  • To explore which foods and habits make you feel the most vibrant 



Challenge Dates:

JANUARY 8TH- JANUARY 19TH 2024      

This Challenge Will Include :​

  • Ebook complete with a challenge Accountability Checklist, Movement & Self Care Activities , Recipes, Meal Ideas & More

  • TWO 45 minute Zoom group coaching sessions held on 

Sunday Jan 8th @ 10:00am-11:00am EST

Thursday Jan 18th @7:30pm-8:30pm EST

  • Access to exclusive challenge app where you will have 24/7 access to myself and others just like you for daily inspiration and motivation

  • Opportunities for additional group coaching sessions on nutrition & minsdet

  • Education on inflammation, metabolism, gut health and hormones in relation to nutrition

  • Daily tips on how to curb sugar cravings & prevent 'self-sabotage' 


This is program does not contain macros nutritive values. This is an ebook with nutrient dense recipes- meant to create a healthy relationship with nutrient dense foods.

What Past Challenge Members Say

“I loved this challenge! I started it to be more accountable and I really saw how food and movement really have a direct impact on my mental and physical health! I plan on continuing with this program on my own now that it’s over!”


Thinking about signing up? Ask any questions you may have to ensure this program is the right fit for you.

Thanks for submitting!

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