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Nutrition Coaching

I view health as a connection of mind, body, spirit and seek to identify the root of dysfunction in order to maintain and re-establish balance.


My goal is to encourage clients to ditch the “quick fixes” and “one size fits all approaches” to health in order to find a more individualized way to integrate diet and lifestyle changes that can be enjoyable, sustainable and long lasting.



Who is this for?
If you've spent a large amount of time giving energy to what you should  be doing for your health...You seek an integrative approach.... Are currently in a routine that feels like a chore... or find yourself putting others before your own self love and care...
This is the show for you.

Why this show?
We learn to become more aware and trusting of who we truly ARE... observing, accepting & owning the limitless power we each have inside to create a life that not only supports overall health, but living a life of purpose. Here we begin to learn, reflect and grow towards more of what that looks like to you.

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Functional Nutrition Coaching

I work to bring balance to my clients struggling with:


Bloating, Constipation/Diarrhea, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD), GERD, SIBO, Hashimoto's thyroiditis & auto immunity, Hypothyroidism, Hormonal imbalance- (PMS, PCOS, Endometriosis), Acne, Migraines, Chronic Pain, Inflammation, Weight loss resistance, Anxiety & Other Health Imbalances

1:1 Approach

In our 1:1 coaching sessions we begin to identify and address potential underlying physiological and psychological root cause factors or barriers to health. This is done through functional medicine testing (if needed) and a comprehensive health history.

 We aim to restore balance through a mind-body approach; mindfulness, nutrition, lifestyle, supplementation, gut and metabolic health support.


60 Minute Initial Session= $139

Group Coaching Opportunities 


Stress & The Holidays

December 13th 2022

We will be discussing the biological and evolutionary communication that goes on in our bodies during times of stress...I share 3 strategies that can help support our individual needs during this time.


Health In Your Hands

January 23rd 2024

A group zoom seminar to discuss ways to support foundational immune health during the winter months. 


I Heart Nutrition

February 15th 2024


In honor of American Heart Month we will be discussing top foods to include for overall heart health and how to build a healthy relationship with food.


This community offers us a powerful space to connect, inspire, reflect and learn as a group…we are in this together and you can be too. 

I look forward to seeing you there!

How do I contact you?
Kindly send any and all questions or inquiries to connect to the email:

  • Instagram

For more of Ruby, check out  @wellnesswithruby on instagram

Colorful Food

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