Health Coaching


My approach is focused on integrating realistic and sustainable habit changes - guiding & empowering you to reclaim your power... 

Ruby Jusas, Certified Health Coach, Speaker, BPH


 My Areas Of Focus

Behavior change

Facilitating long term, sustainable change to achieve your health goals through a client centered approach... discovering what supports you in feeling your best on your terms.


 Build upon your sustainable "WHY" moment. Through thought work, we identify how current limiting beliefs or narratives about your health and wellness are keeping you feeling "stuck". 


Uncovering barriers that may be holding you back from all-day energy. Create a realistic, actionable approach that fits your lifestyle and goals.

Nutrition education

Break free of "dieting"... with foundational lifestyle education. We work to create an awareness of what your body is seeking from a biological and individual standpoint.


Ruby's next group coaching event...
Beach Meditation

Mind, Body, Soul Wellness

We discuss the mind, body & soul connection, your body's biological and evolutionary communication - how to listen in, nourish and tap into your inner voice 


Feeling Beautiful Inside & Out 

I join forces with a certified pilates instructor to bring you a full day wellness event- pilates class, stress relief specific to YOU workshop, tapping into your core strengths and we discuss my favorite foods to keep around the home


Back to School Wellness...With Ruby

Coming Soon...




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