My Story

Ruby is a premier health coach who works with her clients to support them in creating sustainable habit and lifestyle changes to produce long term results. Ruby firmly believes in the power of mindset and proper food choices as nutrition is not a one size fits all. Her approach is based upon identifying and facilitating behavior change towards a more vibrant and supported you. 

Ruby started her career path at Sacred Heart University to obtain her Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health with a Minor in Psychology. Ruby chose to further her education by becoming an ACE Certified Health Coach and is currently enrolled in the University of Bridgeport’s Masters of Human Functional Nutrition program to obtain her degree as a Certified Nutritional Specialist / Licensed Dietician. 


Ruby is consistently looking for ways to deepen her knowledge and love for nutrition. Ruby is currently a Certified Thermographer which allows her to observe the human body through infrared technology identifying inflammation, lymph and congestion within the body. She displays a strong passion towards the prevention and promotion of health. 

Where it all began...

Now, time for the good stuff.

My love for nutrition is personal to me as it began when I was diagnosed with the Auto Immune Disease, Hashimoto's at the age of 18. During that same year, I was also diagnosed with PCOS and pelvic floor dysfunction all while being away at college. In this time, I had found that food as well as learning more about the nourishing properties of food became a major gateway to healing for me.


Ultimately, I reversed my Hashimotos diagnosis, PCOS and pelvic floor dysfunction with the help of some amazing practitioners and am no longer reliant on my medications or therapies. As I began to heal, I began to become aware of the unhealed parts of myself, which were rooted in old programmed limiting beliefs that did not serve where I was headed.


It was not until I reprogrammed my truth as well as the way I viewed my wellness, that I began to see long term, sustainable results… in this time I also underwent a 25 lb weight loss and have kept it off.


This experience has shaped me into the person and professional I am today. I aspire to promote a fun, empowering and inspiring space for women, when it comes to their wellness. I educate and encourage women on becoming advocates for their OWN health, instilling the idea that through awareness you can unlock the key to identifying how your body responds to what it needs to blossom & thrive.